Terrorism Menace

Terrorism menace has been quite a concern in the last couple of decades. We can notice that by all measures taken to avoid any type of terrorism in public places. The main example that comes to mind is “airports” and how complicated, long and painful it can be to check in your luggage. Especially since 09/11, people are terrified with all terrorism attempts, and everybody still has those horrible images in their mind, of the World Trade Center falling into dust. The trauma is still there, but everyone is just trying to live without thinking about the menace that our governments are fighting against every day.

It is true that terrorism is the use of violence or the threat of violence to intimidate. What is also very clear is that terrorism is very politically orientated. Any other types of violence, when not political, are not defined as terrorism. However, some criminals have adopted similar forms of violence, but their purpose is not political at all. These are called quasi-terrorists, just because of their lack of originality.
What is also confusing is that terrorists can be individuals, but they can also be groups or even states. And most of the time, they look, dress and behave like any other people. Some governmental groups or associations are very actively fighting against terrorism. They have even tried to describe the typical physical and psychological portraits of a terrorist. The problem is that it can be any person, and not necessarily with a specific dress code, behavior, and they never look like they are on a mission, until they are executing it.

All we know today about terrorism is that governments are trying to find responses to it. Increasing intelligence is one important thing, but on a daily basis, police officers can have more power in order to target criminals. Also, any types of traffic, whether it’s land, naval or aerial, we can encounter some barriers that are supposed to be filters to protect us against terrorism.

It seems like day by day this particular menace is growing and becoming more strong. We need to sort this out because it will likely put a big damper on the existence of mankind if we can’t start putting our heads together to work towards a common goal rather than the mutual destruction of the others entire culture. It is madness. The problem is that just half if the worlds population can not lay down their arms to encourage the other half to do the same because they will simply be butchered in the streets if that is the case. There must be some mutual alliance to bring us together rather than continue to divide us.

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