Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 2

Also, George Lucas was supposed to write only one long film to cover the beginning of the Star Wars. As a matter of fact, the title of this film was “The Beggining”. But as he was writing, he realized that he could not cover the whole story in just one episode. George Lucas elaborated the first episode, and thought that depending on how successful this movie would be, there would be sequels to it. By the time he finished to write his third episode, he already had negociated a contract that would give him rights to present it as a trilogy. He, of course, inspired his screenplay to his own 15 page outline written by him almost twenty years earlier.

It’s at the end of the writing of his trilogy that George Lucas revealed the name of the very first episode : The Phantom Menace. He chose this title in relation to Senator Palpatine who seemed like a good person, but who actually was the manipulative Sith Lord who turned Anakin Skywalker into the very famous Darth Vador.

With a budget of approximately 115 million dollars, this first episode grossed 924.3 million dollars worldwide, making it the histhest grossing Star Wars film, the 12th highest – grossing film of all times and the 7th highest – grossing film of all time at the US box office.

It was a great accomplishment but to this day there are some die hard fans that just claim it did not live up to expectations… I think that no matter how you try to handle a situation like the revival of this caliber film franchise, no matter what you do some will not accept it as “good enough”. This to me is silly. If you know the storyline behind the original Star Wars Trilogy then you should have been fully prepared for that movie to be created in just that fashion.

Some people think that there was too much technology. They were obviously looking for a throw back to the process movies were made in their childhood. They did not like the animation in it… Boo – Hoo! People, when they were making the original movies they were not trying to shoot them with technology from 20 or 30 years prior. That would have been ridiculous. Just like if they made the new movies without the newest and best technology they could find, it would have been ridiculous…

They had to make the movie suitable to draw in a very young crowd. They were not making the movie for you to remember just how good your childhood was. They were making it so your kids could have a great childhood movie to remember just like you do… You have to get over it. The material grew up a lot over the next two movies…

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