Air Pollution Menace

Jesse Robbins is known as the environmental jeweler for her advocacy for eco-friendly processes that result in precious metal fabrication with zero harmful impacts on the environment. She reviews manufacturers and online stores, having recently written up a column on where she posted rave reviews for their cubic zirconia rings. The online retailer has been highlighted for their innovative designs and elegant craftsmanship in their line of cz rings, sterling silver engagement rings, and other jewelry items. Her advocacy of earth friendly businesses extends from manufacturing to the commercialization of rare resources, including animal husbandry and ethical meat production. Here her focus is on the menace of pollution of our air.

The air pollution is a big menace for our planet. We are not only concerned for our own health, but also for our ecosystem and all the living organisms in it. The thing is, pollution is not only about chemicals and big clouds of toxic substances on top of our heads. It’s also about energy, noise, heat or light.

We are not sure if there are still places on earth where no pollution exists, because pollution is mobile. And it takes tens, hundreds and even thousands of years to regenerate what has been destroyed. The problem is : it never stops, so this regeneration is not happening, and we are living in more and more pollution every single day.

Some countries are specifically known for their pollution rate. Countries like Azerbaijan, China, India, Peru, Russia, Ukraine and Zambia.

According to some sample coming for the core of glaciers in Greenland, the Greek, Roman and Chinese metal production were already a cause of air pollution. And even in the prehistoric era, high levels of pollution were caused by inadequate ventilation of open fires in caves. Maybe human beings were brought on earth to destroy it…

It took several thousands of years before pollution became a popular issue. People started to worry about their health after World War II, when atomic radioactive tests were made, and started to kill populations because radioactive substances were “travelling” in the clouds and were threatening, and very often killing populations.

A lot of people know about certain forms of pollution, like air pollution, of water pollution, with oil or other liquid spills, waste-water discharges. But not a lot of people know about soil contamination due to spill of underground leakage. And regardless, some companies promote the beneficial effect of organically grown fruit and vegetables. Business is business after all !

Even our health has become a business. The damages caused by all types of pollutions are countless : neurologic damages, birth defects, sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, and of course cancers.

We have taken strides in recent years to try limiting this menace to a non-toxic level. It would seem that the majority of the world understands the problem but no matter how much positive headway they make if their foreign counterparts don’t at least try to meet them in the middle somewhere, their efforts will be for naught. You see even though many believe the problem is life threatening and planet altering, some do not feel the same way. They look at the obvious signs of changing weather patterns and planetary collapse of all the glaciers on the planet as a normal ebb and flow of the planetary tides. They claim that it is just a natural up or down of the planet and we as a species have little effect on it.

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